“I’ve heard good things about it but not, as such, as a coffee shop.  But then I started hearing good things about the coffee…”

The Daily Coffee Café Franchise Group is an independent, fast-growing and truly South African owned coffee café franchise currently comprising seven cafés in the Western Cape, and looking to further expand both locally and nationally.

Founded by coffee-guru Adriaan de Bruyn in September 2013, the Group is already recognised as an industry leader in the Western Cape, its popular coffee cafés renowned for their high standards in service, food, coffee and décor. Inspired by the café life so prevalent from Cape Town to New York, it prides itself on excellent, professionally made espresso and other related drinks. Our seasonal fresh food and baked items, and service standards based on genuine hospitality, create an even bigger demand for our coffee cafés.

As you walk into any of the group’s cafés, the modern and striking, yet subtle interior, together with its hassle-free atmosphere will uplift, relax and prepare you for a refined experience. Key to this is the pleasing and much talked about New York-meets-Karoo theme for all our cafés which takes you on a visual journey where you can expect to come across hints of upmarket global urbanism combined with shades of customary down to earth South African appeal.

Our cafés have become destinations of choice where clientele experience genuine hospitality. The staff is warm, friendly and real, always up for a chat. Franchise owners and managers make it their task to make you feel at home and to ensure that your needs are taken care of in this great place and space to meet with a friend or two, or simply to enjoy quality me-time on your own. The Daily Coffee Café is renowned for its marvellous five-senses coffee, a small (or not so small!) bite to eat and a warm, cosy feeling as you delight in our perfect and intimate coffee cafés.

The Group’s future growth is based on a carefully conceptualised and managed strategy. It is furthermore driven by our passion for people and an underlying desire to offer The Daily Coffee Café experience to a wider clientele who will also come home to our fine coffee and be hooked by our warm emotions.

 Welcome to The Daily Coffee Café and to the franchise group behind it. Discover the feeling today…